DNAML is an Australian-based Ebook Technology and Publishing company that has been developing the DNL eBook format and the associated end to end eBook system for over 10 years.

DNAML owns not only eBook technology that provides the publisher and author with independence and flexibility, we also provide an innovative distribution  platform through high traffic web sites such as eBook.com and sharewareeBook.com.

DNAML provides not only cost effective authoring tools for in-house production, we have also developed a network of outsourcing centers that understand the DNL eBook format and how to efficiently and cost effectively produce outstanding eBooks, e-Courses and other electronic publications in the DNL eBook format.

DNL eBooks are protected by the DNL DRM security system. The publisher decides how many devices the eBook is able to activate on, whether content can be printed or how long a page of an eBook can be unlocked. DNL DRM has been in the market place for over 6 years without a single instance of a breach in security.