Great speakers are not only those who you know from the news – there are thousands in the industry, charge less and offer great value.  That’s where Speakers With Impact! comes in.

We represent speakers who have an immediate and long lasting impact on their audience. These are speakers that we’ve worked with long enough to be able to offer such a guarantee.

For example, one opening keynote speaker guarantees that, attendees to your event, will be happy they came by the first coffee break and say that this a must come event.

Speakers With Impact was started by Patti Pokorchak, who saw a need for organizations, who want to use reputable, qualified professional speakers and finding those kinds can be a time consuming. These outstanding speakers want to spend more of their time sharing their knowledge rather than marketing themselves.  So with Speakers With Impact, it’s an all round win-win-win.

We will help you find the best possible speaker for your event and audience.  If you’re interested in having a speaker with impact at your next event, contact us at Patti@SpeakersWithImpact.com or +1-416-253-9974.

Speakers With Impact represents a selection of speakers, choosing to work with those who have great content with excellent presentation skills. These speakers have the biography to go with their talk.

What that means, is that their information comes from their own research and insights, it’s not copied from others but highly original. You would be delighted to spend time with any of our speakers, as they are very personable, down-to-earth people.

Our speakers are not only entertaining but have compelling messages that make an immediate impact on their audience. It’s the combination of these two essential items that makes them unforgettable, as when people are entertained, they keep paying attention, by which the core message gets through to them. In this way, the talk is effective.



1. Warren Evans is a leading Futurist and Trends Blending Expert and a seasoned highly rated Opening Keynote Speaker.  He talks about “The Future and What to do about it NOW!” – to see opportunites and seize the advantage before your competitors do.   One of his ‘make you think’ quotes is “The danger of this recession for many businesses is that it won’t last long enough”.  Or “Winning is more about the disciplined execution of a good idea, rather than creating a brilliant idea!” www.wevans.com

2.  Cheryl-Ann Webster is the creator of the Beautiful Women Project, 120 life size sculptures of women’s torso and she talks on body image and self esteem, helping others to do and be more by helping themselves after her talks. Her exhibit will be the main attraction at the CNE  Arts Pavilion this summer from August 20 – Sept. 6, 2010 www.cawebster.com and click on keynotes for her presentations and workshops.

“Our bodies tell our life story, they are portraits of our journey’s and experiences.  Knowing our body is beautiful, just as it exists, is a message more people need to see and hear.”

3.  Alicia Snell is author of “Me Minus 173, From 328 pounds to the Boston Marathon“, where she details how she went from weighing 328 lbs. to 155 – with no gimmicks except for less in and more out. She’s been on Oprah, has kept the weight off for over 10 years (something that Oprah hasn’t managed to do!) and she talks about committment to self, self-discipline and how “there is always a health choice“ to make. This inspires other to start making their own healthy choices to achieve their lifelong goals and dreams. www.aliciasnell.com

4.  Jon Duschinsky is turning traditional fundraising on its head with his introduction of venture philanthropy and he concentrates on projects that create long-lasting world changing success. He facilitates groups to help them achieve breakthroughs in the way that they raise money as well as talking about social responsibility to major corporations. www.bethechange.fr