Adelaide has had a number of successful art Exhibitions since her first appearance on the London art scene in 2006. Read her full Biography on the website and watch videos of her talking about her work and at her shows in the Media section of the site

You will remember her from her appearances on national television in the UK when BBC London news and Channel 5 news covered her d├ębut solo exhibition Black Brits, view this gallery here and buy fine art prints here.

Adelaide, a self-taught artist, has taken inspiration from the post WW1 movement of Dadaism and specifically from the German Dadaist Hugo Ball. His concept of using art to examine and criticise the current times is evident in her most recent commission for the National Centre for Domestic Violence. To view this work please go the Gallery, and to support the charity by buying fine prints.

Through her work with charities like the NCDV, Adelaide is choosing to push her work through a forward thinking positive approach to societies current issues and in so doing, she hopes to capture the "spirit of the times" or Zeitgeist.

In the artists own words:

"All Art reflects life. Art is a biography, a personal one and a universal one. I paint because I love it, because I need to and because I want to, I am living my dream."

As an artist, there are many issues that get Adelaide thinking and which get her creative juices flowing. Those issues range from human rights, every day dramas, emotional upsets, social media, and reality TV. Adelaide has something to say about it all, and she says it by visually interpreting issues through her paintings.