Assert Fitness and Performance works with people who are committed to becoming the very best version of themselves. Our clients are prepared to invest heavily in the realisation of their dream results and want to transform their lives. Our clients make decisions based on a “greater input, greater output” mentality. If you’d rather compromise quality of outcomes and favour a cheaper solution, we may not be for you.

All of our team members are coaches at heart. A trainer just beats you through exercise, but a coach identifies your goals and helps you break down barriers to get there.

We also have a holistic Health focus. It is not just about doing exercises, but also on moving and breathing through them correctly. The average adult sits for over 6 hours per day, causing niggling pains and aches that are functional rather than injuries. Most trainers and physicians will tell you (and many believe) that pain = injury. Pain, however, is a sign of dysfunction and unless you’ve experienced a trauma ( i.e. a sporting injury or impact-based accident) it likely stems from lack of correct movement. Even if you are not in pain, you might not feel as flexible as you might like. We commit wholly to our clients demanding (and achieving) more from and for themselves. We don’t accept that you really want to but don’t think you can achieve your goals.

We BELIEVE you can achieve and do anything you want in life with Time, Energy & Effort.

We help you set higher standards for yourself and build confidence in a hands-on nurturing environment. We also help you adjust your thoughts around diet and exercise and see these as the pillars to achieving more in your life. We aren’t here to just to make you better inside of the gym, but also outside.

Our theory is that most people don’t have a diet or training problem.

They know what healthy food is but life is so crazy that it’s easy to make bad choices after a busy day at work or skip training because you’re too tired. That’s where we help. We give you proven nutritional strategies that are simple and wildly effective, coupled with short and intense training to melt boat loads of unwanted fat and replace it with lean muscle tone. Once you start implementing these changes you’ll begin to feel more energised, you’ll feel happier and you’ll achieve more. You’ll feel less stressed, less anxious and actually more positive and driven.