Dean Hyers believes he can help anyone be calm, dynamic and influential under pressure. Whether directing films, training U.S. and Canadian undercover agents to be believable, or helping sales teams “win” multimillion dollar business pitches, he uses techniques from the movie set to direct professionals beyond their fears.

In 2001, Dean co-founded SagePresence, a company designed to help people master professional roles with excitement, motivation, and dynamism, he teaches clients to win over even their most challenging audiences.

Dean’s book, Winning Presence for Business Presenters, was an instant bestseller, quickly attaining #1 status in three categories.

An engaging and charismatic speaker, Dean has entertained and informed audiences throughout the US and internationally, including Mexico, England, Ireland and Australia. He is author of Winning Presence for Business Presenters.

Prior to directing Bill's Gun Shop (an independent full-length feature distributed by Warner Bros), Dean co-founded Digital Café, a leader in the interactive media arena. Dean's company put the first CD-ROM in Rolling Stone Magazine, the first computer game in a cereal box, and marketed movies like Godzilla, Die Hard II, and Jumanji, before its acquisition by Campbell Mithun Advertising.