Thank you for the opportunity to formally introduce Décor Moving Services. We are a full service, white glove moving service that provides receiving, storage, moving and installation services. Our clients include antique dealers, fine art showrooms, home owners and interior designers.

Décor Moving Services is one of the best in Atlanta because we stress communication (talking to a human on the phone), professionalism, basic customer service, respect for developing long-lasting relationships and the unique attention\care we give to fine furniture. In addition to these basic requirements that you should expect from a white glove moving service, we have put into action additional tools to assist our customers.

Many of the implementations we have made are through listening to Interior Designers & Furniture Showrooms and transitioning our company to fit\fill those needs. Online Receivables, After-Hours Service, Online Store (designers selling overages to designers) and Personalization (having a human on the phone) came from listening and implementing customer requests. We are here to service you and to facilitate the completion of your move\installation, not complicate them.

The days of poor service can be over today. Allow us the opportunity to talk with you and further discuss what Décor Moving Services can offer you.