Welcome to Diggory Lifestyle Management

For Diggory Lifestyle. Getting rid of clutter is not just about reducing mess. It means knowing where to find things. It allows you to use everything you own not just the items you can find.

Above all, it offers freedom and ongoing peace of mind and reducing your stress. I not only want to make life easier now – I want you to think of maintaining order as a way of life.

Working in partnership is a vital ingredient. I don’t want to educate but motivate, not just instruct but inspire. I want to turn a pain into a passion. Above all, I want the process to be enjoyable and enduring, not an endurance test.

So I start by understanding why the clutter was created. It is just a matter of your personality? Time pressures? Poor organisational skills? Those around you being thoughtless? Maybe you just don’t know where to begin? Getting to know you and your individual circumstances lets me discover a personal route to a clutter-free life.

Then we investigate the clutter. How did it originate? Where is it centred? What are the storage options? Every home is unique, so we must look for solutions that best suit specific needs and circumstances.

Once I know the issues, we can work together on the solutions. Not only does this involve immediate dee-cluttering, but I'll share with you the techniques and tools, systems and insights, motivation and methods to maintain the process long after I've gone.

Dee-clutter for a simpler life...