DigiManna is a concept that developed out of Misael Rodrigez' desire to become a source of financial blessing to his friends and family.

Misael's past business experiences have taught him that the best way to be profitable in business is to run an agile operation. He believes that Information Marketing is uniquely suited for this purpose, as it can be launched from virtually anywhere, at anytime, with minimal overhead and no inventory; avoiding many of the risks associated with traditional business models.

DigiManna works with interested parties to create "Digital Products" such as eBooks, Videos, Training Courses, Continuity Websites, etc. for Niche Markets that they are passionate about and have a level of expertise.

DigiManna brings the digital product and business expertise. We execute the product launch and continue to make technical and business decisions carefully considering the joint vision for the franchise. The franchisee brings their passions and skills and continues to work to improve and tweak the product to match customer demand.

Together, we create digital products that we can monetize and leverage.