Author & Artist
Personal growth with a human touch

Eva Dillner is a writer, artist, therapist and teacher specializing in creative and therapeutic processes for inspiration and transformation. She started the company DIVINE DESIGN in 1998 to work with therapy and personal growth, then meandered into writing, painting and publishing. Divine Design publishes her books, calendars and art as well as audio and e-books through distribution partners on the leading edge of the digital age. Buy books, calendars and art on-line to any destination in the world.

"I write, I paint, I travel… and occasionally do an exhibition or workshop, somewhere in the world"

Although born and raised in Sweden, Eva moved to Seattle in her early teens. She studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Washington, doing her Master's Thesis on a NASA Traineeship. At Scott Paper Company in Everett, WA she started as a project engineer, became their first woman engineering supervisor, moved to logistics/procurement taking the packaging supply management into the computer age. Then onto France, a dream come true, to help build a new factory outside Orléans. How do you top that? After fifteen years of doing high speed career, it was time for a change.

Eva found herself on a journey of self discovery that would eventually take her back to Sweden. She trained as a SHEN Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Gemstone Therapist, joined the Sound Healers of Washington, co-facilitated Life Mission Circles, studied Meditation and Life Energy, Huna and Time Line Therapy as well as Personal Presence. In Sweden she picked up Creative Dance, Intuitive Art and Lomi-Lomi Massage. Her studies took her to Norway and the UK. She went on to train as an Instructor in SHEN, and just as she was packing to go pick up her diploma, the organization split into SHEN and Kairos. Instead of following her mentor into Kairos and starting over, she helped create the SHEN Therapies Network and facilitates retreats around the world for experienced therapists.

But what does all the training in inner processes have to do with becoming an artist and author? Everything, it turns out. Those workshops taught intuition, emotions and staying present to the flow of life energy in the body. How to experience and express that which is beyond the logical mind.

Eva has traveled far and wide to present her work, been featured in the press on a regular basis, and was one of fifteen Swedish artists selected for the TellusArt project in India in 2010, doing exhibitions and workshops with leading artists from Asia and Scandinavia.