Dr. Selhub terms her proprietary approach  The Love Response TM (TLR) - the chain of bio-chemical processes that occur in the body when a person operates from love that ultimately results in health and well-being. Over 30 years of research has pointed to the benefits of eliciting the relaxation response, as coined by Dr. Herbert Benson. Now, Dr. Selhub has taken this work to the next level by incorporating love into the meditative experience.  She has found that when love is infused into the process of meditation, or eliciting the Relaxation Response, a positive physiology takes over that allows the body to heal and allows joy to dominate your existence. Love represents a fusion of varied emotions, thoughts, positive neuropathways and reward mechanisms that ultimately allow the body, mind and spirit to maintain equilibrium.

Dr. Selhub’s patients have triumphed over serious medical conditions and destructive emotional patterns.  Not only have her patients managed to achieve better health, but also happier lives, finding successful relationships and rewarding careers.

The Love Response is far more than a concept, it is a revelation. What we all want most in life – love in its all forms – is also what is best for us.  All we need is help staying on love’s course. Dr. Selhub has created a real guide for healing, well-being and, ultimately, for life.