Thank you for allowing us to introduce ourselves. We are 3 Point 0, Inc., a 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit organization that was founded in 2006 and committed to providing support to Performing Arts and Youth Fitness organizations in YOUR community. We maintain creative outlets for the youth of Sacramento and surrounding cities that stand to benefit from participation in the performing arts. The foundation is made up of 3 inter-related modules:

1.     3 Point 0, Inc. - Academic Support System for you who are NOT meeting and maintaining a 3.0 GPA. Also provides incentives among our youth to encourage academic success. www.EducationandtheArts.com

2.     Dream Big– Semi-Annual community Performing Arts Showcase and Scholarship Competition for the youth, and young adults of Sacramento and neighboring cities. Also partners with community to provide low cost to no cost marketing and support services.  www.DreamBigShowcase.org

3.     Pass2Class – Activity pass that provides fitness options to the youth of the community at low cost, or no cost depending on economic status. This program also works to support businesses that provide youth centered fitness activities by driving traffic to them. www.Pass2Class.com

Through community outreach and public events, we seek to build bridges between people of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. Through our educational programs, we aim to inspire and educate children throughout Northern California to push them toward academic and wellness success. Our ultimate goal being to keep young people off the streets by giving them creative alternatives to drugs, gangs,  teen pregnancy, and violence.

We use projects like Dream Big and Pass2Class as tools to help young people develop the self discipline and inner strength they need to be successful in life. These include developing a strong work ethic, self-determination, self-esteem, and a positive attitude about life and respect for others. We have seen hundreds of our young people go on to be very successful in life and in school as a result of the character building essentials they received through our program over the years.

3Point0 provides health and educational support services to the youth of the Sacramento area. We focus primarily on students in elementary, middle, and high school with grade point averages lower than 3.0. We recognize that the initial intervention is important but providing future support services is a key part of our students' success.

Our program offers participants opportunities to get involved in an exciting, self-esteem building urban dance company as well as a mentoring program that provides tutoring support.

Currently, 3Point0 connects with 724 students through out the Sacramento area. Their ages range from five to eighteen and we are proud to say that we make it a priority to develop programming and dance classes around the many cultures represented by our diverse group of students.

It is obvious to staff, volunteers, and program supporters that our program is much more than dance lessons and tutoring. Because the majority of our dance lessons are offered in partnership with local community centers, we are also able to offer a safe, comfortable place for students to meet with tutors, work on homework, and socialize.
If we do not offer additional life alternatives, many of our students will have no choice but to be surrounded by the many negative influences that are so readily available to at-risk youth in our society today.

Additionally, when we're able, we offer free clothing, school supplies, and art supplies. As our funding base grows, so will our programs and services offered.
Since 2006, 3 Point 0, Inc. has been officially providing community support services to local at risk youth for four years. Funded completely by donations, fund-raisers, and in-kind support, we have worked with youth from all walks of life who have gone on to become mentors in the program, and have developed careers as professional dancers.
3Point0 program staff and volunteers strive to support urban, at-risk youth in their identification and realization of future life goals. They continually develop new ideas for support and strategies to encourage through our board, which consists of 90% youth under the age of 21.

Tamaira Sandifer, the program's director, is responsible for all basic program organization. Her team of volunteers and mentors help with implementation of the final plan as well as any necessary staff support to prepare dancers for classes, competitions, and all tutoring.