Hospital gowns are for sick people...not women about to give birth! We hope our birthing gowns (also known as delivery gowns) will be a small, but beautiful, part of your child's birth-day.

We designed this birth-day gown because looking good means feeling good, especially during and after labour. Designed and most importantly tested by a mother of two.

This soft jersey knit dress provides front and back snaps and an empire waist. This allows easy access for baby monitors, epidurals and breastfeeding while keeping you supported and dignified.

Give birth in style...for yourself, and for all those once-in-a-lifetime first pictures of you and your newborn. Who knows, it may even become your favourite thing to wear long before you give birth or well into the weeks that follow.

Wishing you a beautiful delivery in every way!

Tracy Tremble
Mother, Designer & CEO