There is a malaise happening to men around the world. At no other time in history have men felt more confused, challenged and frustrated as to what it means to be a man in today's world than ever before.

Conversely, the age of the empowered woman is here to stay. In many ways she's unstoppable, determined and evolving. She should never have to dumb it down or play small to be with a man. Yet it's becoming a reality for more and more women. Men and women seam to be on two very different trajectories and it's creating a lot of issues in relationships and in the work place.

The challenge is: There are very few resources available to men to help them be the Remarkable Man he knows he can be.

Dwayne Klassen has made it his life's work to challenge men to step up and play a bigger game. He's an international men and relationship expert. He coaches men to success by helping them claim their authentic masculine power.

He's the author of his ground-breaking new book, The Remarkable Man - Champions To Women, Heroes To Children And Brothers To Each Other.
It's THE MANual for both men and women to understand what it takes to be a Remarkable Man in all areas of a man's life.