Based in Atlanta, GA, Earmarq, LLC is a dynamic and game-changing social and mobile media marketing company with solid experience in event planning, product line development and strategic product marketing.

    Earmarq, LLC believes that the old ways of spreading your company's name have changed and will continue to evolve; that's where Earmarq, LLC comes in to provide your business solid footing in an ever-changing social media footprint. Earmarq, LLC, was established in 2009 by partners Paul- Devon Lewow and Joseph Kang, has successfully enhanced the Social media profiles of companies the likes of Europa Sports, Shubox Inc., Phil Keoghan (Host of CBS's "The Amazing Race"), Red Zone/ Triangle Sound Studios, Paul Reed Smith Guitars, Mullinax Pickups, Avenue of the Giants, Croshal Entertainment Group and more by assessing, re-establishing, promoting, raising the awareness of and in some instances socially re-branding the client in the most effective way possible.

For more information,contact Earmarq, LLC via:
info@earmarq.com or call (678)664-4009.