EcoChef Love is a North Carolina native who specializes in Southern Fusion cuisine.  She grew up helping her mother bake her famous Pound Cakes. Today she is an Earth Friendly Professional Baker, Chocolatier, Chef, Speaker, Official Custom Jam Creator for the American Diabetic Association Portland 20th Anniversary Gala, Navy Veteran and world traveler who travels around the U.S. teaching other Citizens of this Great Earth how to Eat A Climate Change Diet.  She has been honored to speak a various American Diabetic Association Expos and Green Expos around the US.  She absolutely loves working with kids and Senior Citizens.  Her culinary point of view is best described as I Love M.E. – I Love Mother Earth. It is a perfect harmonious melody of her lifelong love of food and all things Mother Earth.  EcoChef Love® specializes in Green (no animal products/vegan), healthy for you and (mostly) organic sweet and savory culinary delights with a Southern point of view. These healthy creations are free of added sugar and artificial sweeteners. Hence they are sweetened with Agave, a natural liquid sweetener extracted (without chemicals) from the Agave plant which the FDA has approved for diabetic consumption. Every recipe is Gluten Free and Diabetic Friendly.

She is a big supporter of Organic Farmer’s Markets. Because Healthy Farming Practices = a Healthy Mother Earth.

She created the 7 Secrets To A Global Warming (Climate Change) Diet DVD to help her fellow human beings make a connection between our health, what we eat and the health of Mother Earth. Hence I Love M.E. – I Love Mother Earth.  

Her agent is currently shopping her first cookbook – The Cheesecake Chronicles – Earth Friendly Decadent Desserts for Every Diet: Including Gluten Free, Diabetic Friendly, Dairy Free, Plant Based Desserts Sweetened with Agave Nectar to publishing houses.