At Electric Productions, we partner with today’s innovators and industry leaders to create compelling video content, highlighting cutting-edge trends, enhancing exposure, and engaging audiences.  Our commitment to curating dynamic visual-content empowers our partners with quality, consistency, and a seamless creative taste that cultivates branding with the perfect blend of education and entertainment.

Trending Today features experts, front-line industry advancements, innovative technologies, products solutions, and trends in health, wellness, culinary, cuisine, luxury, leisure, manufacturing and more.  It’s a series that above all, presents an informative perspective on the consumer and professional trends.

Creativity is a cornerstone at Electric Productions; we pride ourselves on our ability to produce content that champions your brand to your target audience.  We also partner to produce captivating educational and promotional programming for narrow and broad demographics in regional and national markets.  

Brand films, commercials, infomercials, web-series, documentaries and independent films are just a few examples of how we can showcase your dynamic content.  Our unique approach provides you with the resources to power your digital marketing with a library of branded video segments customized to fit your marketing strategy.

Our comprehensive approach enables us to produce cutting-edge television and brand-media designed to leverage the power of social media, specifically targeting products and solutions, capitalizing on interested, engaged audience prospects, and driving inbound leads from target markets.