Engineering Pro Guides provides three areas of services, (1) design engineering tools, (2) software customization and (3) engineering consulting services.  

Engineering Pro Guides' engineering tools are designed to help engineers increase efficiency and to be easy to use and understand.  The engineering tools include PE Exam technical study guides, PE Exam Sample Exams, Excel Engineering Design Calculators, Design Engineering Technical Whitepapers, Quality Control Excel Sheets & much more.

Engineering Pro Guides' customizes software to fit an individual Architectural or Engineering firm to maximize efficiency.  The programs include Autocad, Revit, Excel and Word.  Each of these programs need to be customized to fit each company's specific work flow.  This will help each company focus on their areas of expertise, rather on dealing with inefficiencies within their tools.

Engineering Pro Guides also offers engineering consultation for the following design fields.

HVAC Systems
Plumbing Systems
Fire Protection Systems