Equity was formed in 2002 on the basic concept of the word “equity,” which is the act of being just and fair. This philosophy has created a pathway to success for our Agents and Brokers.

Equity is ranked in the Top 20 Largest Real Estate Brokerages in the nation and is the largest brokerage in the state of its origin, Utah. With real estate brokerage offices in multiple states nationwide, we are fast expanding our successful model across the country!

Equity is so much more than a full-service company. In addition to providing a flat transaction fee of $499 for our Realtors®, Equity also operates in the following areas:

Real Estate Marketing Services in the field of residential and commercial real estate, homes, land, condominiums, apartments, coops, luxury apartments; providing real estate leads for prospective purchasers; real estate brokerage; real estate acquisition services; commercial and residential real estate agency services; real estate consultation; real estate multiple listing services; providing information in the field of real estate; providing information in the field of real estate via the Internet; and so much more...

Communications Services, namely, delivery of messages by electronic transmission; Providing on-line communications links for website users to other real estate agents in their state, etc....

Web Marketing Services, namely providing websites and databases, featuring real estate brokerage information, presenting such information in photographs, videos, and moving pictures; providing websites for the use in the real estate industry featuring technology that enables users to submit a message over the Internet regarding their real estate availability and needed real estate requirements, and to also get access to a real estate database of agents, and to initiate contact with a real estate brokerage via social media.

Property Management Services that offer a full range of benefits for Equity agents and their customers. From rigorous screening to routine inspections, our property management services are extremely competitive.