Exile Press is dedicated to what we can learn from beyond borders, to culture in communication andto what we may discover in the microcosm of word’s art, the complex beauty of the English languageand the cultural diaspora of the global village. We are also dedicated to bringing American cultureabroad, to giving back and to environmental and social responsibility.

Our specialties include language acquisition, travel journals, philosophy, art books, and poetry. Our scope is global and beyond.

Welcome to the World.
Its message is simple – seek truth.

Children’s literature is handled by our imprint Little Bear Books (Visit Teddy and the gang at www.littlebearbooks.com) and political satire is handled by Hungry Dictator Press (see more at www.hungrydictator.com).

2016 International Book Awards: Gold Medal for Letters, Illustration Award & Bronze Medal for The Great Successor
Benjamin Franklin Awards: Silver Medal for Korean Slang: As much as a Rat’s Tail 2016
Korea Literature Translation Institute Grant: for the collected works of North Korea poet Baek Seok 2014    
Benjamin Franklin Digital Awards: Silver Honoree for Teddy's Day HD 2013
Mom's Choice Awards: Gold Medals in Young Adult Poetry and Interactive eBooks for Letters and Teddy’s Day HD 2012
Mom's Choice Awards: Silver Medals in Children's Picture Books for Teddy’s Day and Teddy’s Camp 2012
Midwest Book Awards: First Place in Children's Illustrated ebooks for Teddy's Day 2011

Korean Slang: As much as a Rat's Tail 2010/2015 (http://www.badasskorean.com)
Idiom Attack Vol. 1: Everyday Living 2010 (http://www.idiomattack.com, translated into 7 languages)
Idiom Attack Vol. 2: Doing Business 2012; Idiom Attack Vol. 3&4: Taking Action & Getting Emotional 2016-2017
Teddy's Day 2010 and Teddy's Camp 2011 (http://www.teddytracks.com)
Letters: Building an Alphabet with Art and Attitude 2010 (http://an-alphabet-apart.com)
Time for Kids: Exploring Non-fiction and accompanying Teacher’s Guide 2006