FDI’s Communication program combines groundbreaking technology with state of the art
wireless and VoIP systems to create the ultimate communication solution.
Think about it. Everyone you know and don’t know uses the telephone. You can get paid every time they make a call!

FDI covers all 7 areas of the telecom industry. Including Cellular, Residential, VoIP, Video Phones, Calling Card, Business Solutions and Equipment. The telecom industry is $4 trillion a year industry. 1.3 trillion in the US alone. But FDI is a global company. You can save people 50-95% on their telecom service throughout the world. We are never going to want to communicate less then we are right now and you can be apart of it!

FDI products and service are bundled into three Memberships; First Class VIP, Preferred VIP and VIP. Depending on the services you want, will determine the membership you choose. If you want some of what FDI has to offer you can choose the VIP Membership for just $39.95 per month.There are some companies that will charge you $39.95 per month just to have a website! For $39.95 per month, you get 8 websites, your own Personal Assistant, LifeLock, TelaDoc and its commissionable! The Preferred Membership is $59.95 per month and the First Class Membership is only $129.95 per month giving you everything FDI has to offer.

Now, how do we take all of this and turn it into an income stream? FDI is a very simple business. We only do two things. We gather a few customers and help others do the same. We market our memberships through people just like you. FDI is company that has a group of customers. Does it work? Well today we have ten’s of thousands of FDI members using our memberships and adding thousands each month.

FDI is the perfect business. With your FDI business, there is no inventory, no deliveries, no
collections, no territories, no income limits and no employees! NO Employers!

With FDI, we have the tools and incentives to help you explode your opportunity. This is an exploding an opportunity.

Do you want to make serious money? Seriously? You Will !
You will save people 50-95% on telecommunications, that’s powerful !

This is a global opportunity before your eyes. Build your team TODAY !

You can offer our Telecom services throughout the globe.

There is not a company out there that has the value in its products and services like FDI has.

FDI offers a compensation plan 2nd to no one in the industry.

FDI is a cutting edge company in the home based business industry.
The system is in place for you to succeed. And you will, I will see to it !

Michael Marciano CEO /  FDI Global Connect