Virtual Homes is a residential real estate company that is responsive to today’s Internet savvy consumer. Our agency uses a unique business model that combines the most sophisticated technologies, innovative strategies and experienced agents to take the real estate industry into the future.

Our revolutionary new approach and technologies are attracting new demographics – statistics show that today’s real estate buyers average around age 31.  This is an extremely technology oriented audience, so we’ve incorporated the most cutting-edge – yet user-friendly – components into our business.

•  Our virtual community website (www.virtualhomes.com) is an online network providing local community information including “virtual visits”, school, demographic, home buying and selling information.  Consumers may use this tool to search the MLS, register for foreclosure listings, obtain a CMA, request relocation guides, and access a variety of other resources.
•  Our Virtual Homes MLS Map Search Tool is an interactive online solution that allows people to research properties by location and to further refine their search by price and other personal criteria. This powerful search tool is receiving exceptional response from consumers saying it’s made the real estate process so much easier. Once they try it, they can’t imagine going back to the “traditional” way of conducting real estate and property searches.
•  VH LeadAlert is a lead notification system distributing leads in various fashions; giving agents the ability to follow-up and provide consumers with a prompt customer service response.
•  VH LeadCenterLeadCentre (CRM – Customer Resource Management) is a real estate specific lead management tool/and contact database system. It can have unlimited users, an unlimited database capacity per user, and is specific to managing volumes of leads so agents can focus on meeting with customers and clients instead of worrying about inventory and the flow of information to their database. Everything is automated and achieved through the integration of intelligent software.

Our business relationships begin online with professional, proficient agents responding to consumer requests for information and services. Virtual Homes provides the highest levels of customer service, establishing confidence and trust, and ensuring that our clients’ best interests are represented.  Our team members have extensive industry experience, having worked at other leading real estate agencies for many years, and bring extensive depth and breadth of knowledge to our clients.  

As an agent: A Virtual Homes agent gets the best of all worlds – agents can conveniently work from home while getting a steady stream of qualified customers that want to work with a real estate professional in their local area. Virtual Homes provides an excellent system for lead generation, qualification and contact management, as well as training, tech support, and brokerage services without any monthly fees.  

To be successful in the real estate industry, agents must have a high volume of business opportunities that may convert into transactions. The Virtual Homes system offers a constant flow of leads with the tools, training and support that provides agents with the ability and opportunities for success.