FFMT is a non-profit Florida corporation with 501(c)(3) status.  It was established in 1996 as a means of increasing the number of  minority teachers in the State of Florida to better reflect the diversity of  the state’s population.  FFMT administers the Minority Teacher Education  Scholarship to juniors and seniors enrolled in state approved teacher  education programs at numerous colleges and universities across the state.   The award offers $4,000 a year ($2,000 per semester) to qualified  minority students, and requires that upon graduation, each scholar teach in a  Florida public school for the same number of years that they received the  scholarship.

Since its inception in 1996, FFMT has had over 3,500  scholars come through its program.  Of this amount, it has been verified  that 76% have either taught or are currently teaching in a Florida public  school. Currently, FFMT has over 600 scholars and is expecting to increase  this number throughout the year. Considering its longevity and success, FFMT  could very well be Florida’s answer to diversity in  education.