1.      Estate Sales:  The most successful estate sales require planning and meticulous attention to detail by knowledgeable, experienced estate sale professionals.  With our team of estate sales professionals, we provide all of the resources needed to conduct a full-service, turn-key estate sale:

·         Consulting with homeowners, family, or executors prior to the sale

·         Researching and setting prices

·         Sorting and organizing merchandise

·         Pricing sales items

·         Displaying merchandise attractively

·         Advertising the sale

·         Conducting the sale

·         Post-sale clean-up

2.      Appraisals:  An appraisal provides a written estimate of the value of an item.  Finders Keepers Estate Services provide complete, accurate, and reliable information at a realistic cost.  We conduct appraisals for on both comparable values and sales values of items, as well as appraisals for insurance or tax purposes.  Although most of our appraisals are estate and personal property evaluations for valuation documentation purposes, we also evaluate personal property for theft, fire, natural disaster losses (hurricanes), and freig