FYI Client Services Shares Ways to Motivate Yourself

The best way to look at where you are in life is to ask if you’re comfortable? Whenever you find yourself being overly comfortable, that’s when you know you need to step it up and challenge what you already have and know. “Especially when it comes to the professional aspect of your life, you always need to make sure you’re growing and challenging what you know,” says Tiarnan Okane, managing director of FYI Client Services. Take a moment to step back and understand that the route to success means uncomfortable. Once you realize that you will make sure you’re getting ahead of the game and stepping forward. “You will be uncomfortable, and that’s one of the main aspects to motivating yourself and achieving greatness,” says Tiarnan Okane of FYI Client Services. We’ve come up with three different ways you can motivate yourself if you find yourself wondering if you’re reaching your full potential.

Mindset – 5 Second Challenge

The 5-second challenge is a countdown an individual can do to make sure they start a task right after 5 seconds are up. Our body is prone to being in a comfortable state of being, but by telling yourself we’re going to do something in a countdown makes us do it more. It’s an idea or instinct, and you follow it in 5 seconds. “I’ve tried this technique to test it out, and it does work! The urge to do something gets pushed forward as we countdown the 5 seconds,” says Tiarnan Okane.

Play Upbeat Music

Music is the best way to cheer up or stay concentrated. Classical music is shown for helping with concentration and studies show the effect of music in a work situation. It controls our mood and when our body naturally moves to something that can motivate us to do something and change our perspective also.

Write Your Tasks Down

Research also indicates that when you write down your daily tasks, you’re more likely to fulfil them. At FYI Client Services, we always implement the idea of ‘checking’ things off a list. It helps us focus in on what needs to be done and stay focused on it.