The Abro-Albedo Group, is a global fashion-focused consulting firm that prides itself on the delivery of services in (but not limited to):

Creative Consulting
Sponsorship Marketing
Press-related Services
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Consulting
Sustainability Consulting

As of September 2009, wholly-owned subsidiaries of the company include FashionAlbedo.com, Albedo Creative, the Save Our Sews Alliance and EMMA Apparel.

FashionAlbedo.com is a website dedicated to the reportage of international fashion news, with passion and purpose. Since its inception, the site has grown in strength, garnering a number of followers via Facebook, Twitter and Google friend connect. Recently, it has been featured on Alltop as one of the best fashion blogs for its extensive coverage of fashion weeks from around the world.

Albedo Creative provides wide-ranging consulting services to fashion-related businesses, with the aim of  ameliorating their brand through better press-management, strategic collaborations and streamlined CSR programs. All services heavily incorporate social media to allow clients to take advantage of an increasingly web-based demographic and fashion closer ties to brand adherents.

Currently in the process of accreditation, the Save Our Sews Alliance (SOSA) seeks to address issues pertaining to the apparel and textiles industry today, with particular focus on regulated outsourcing and satisfactory working conditions. By creating alliance of new and experienced designers, microfinancers and consumer/brand experts, this organizations seeks to promote traditional skills and rural development by way of fair pricing and transparent operations in the areas where their clothes are produced.

Emerging Market (EMMA) Apparel is a clothing label that features designs made exclusively by women in emerging markets. The project was initiated in Ghana, with plans to expand to other Sub-Saharan countries, as well as globally.  

Through all its operations, the Abro-Albedo Group aims to facilitate the reflection, inspiration and exchange of ideas within the global fashion industry, with particular concern as to their potential to improve lives.