Find Your Customers, Inc. ("FYC") is a lead generation company offering real-time exclusive transcribed call data (100% call verified), aged data, and live phone leads.  FYC has been at the forefront of the consumer debt lead generation industry since 2005 with the mission of delivering high-quality debt leads combined with superior customer service.  From Targus filters to Artificial Intelligence technology, implemented in 2008, and now recorded call center verification, FYC continues to pave the way in quality control for data leads.  All ads and websites used to generate these leads are strictly monitored and maintained by FYC in order to ensure compliance with the guidelines set forth by the Federal Trade Commission. FYC holds a place on the board of TASC (The Association of Settlement Companies) and is a member of USOBA (United States Organization for Bankruptcy Alternatives.  

Recently, Find Your Customers’ has entered into the Vehicle Service Contract (“Auto Warranty”) industry and will be entering additional market segments in the near future (example, Home Appliance Protection).

Find Your Customers, Inc., (www.FindYourCustomers.com) is a subsidiary of WebYes!, LLC, (www.WebYes.com).