Firefly Essentials was started to fill a void in the “All Natural” personal care products industry.
100% natural, handmade products that are effective, healthy and most of all affordable!
Firefly Essentials fits the bill by producing sensibly priced products made from the best natural ingredients Mother Nature has to offer.
Once you begin using Firefly Essentials All Natural, handmade soaps you will feel a noticeable difference in your skin right away. No harsh detergents, bar hardeners or fillers are used. We use only naturally pure water blended with pure saponified oils, pampering your skin and leaving it feeling baby soft and baby smooth. The way mother nature intended.
Firefly Essentials creates 35 different, wonderfully fragrant bars, each by hand assuring the highest quality.  An astonishing treat for the senses.
Ever thought of Bar Soap as Shampoo?
Think again! All Firefly Essentials handmade soaps are so gentle and mild, they can also be used as shampoo bars. Because there’s no harsh chemicals to damage your hair or scalp you can use our bars with complete confidence. Color your hair? Our bars are so mild that they won’t pull out your expensive  hair color unlike some shampoos will, but will leave your hair clean, soft and shiny. No need for costly conditioners either.

And since our soap bars are also shampoo, you can carry them with you when you travel. Ever have your shampoo or other liquid confiscated at the airport? It can be expensive!

We also produce a wonderful Hand & Body Lotion.
Whip your dry skin into shape with our easily-absorbed, ultra-hydrating Goat’s Milk lotion that leaves your skin soft, smooth and radiant.
Our Hand & Body Lotion is formulated to match nearly every Soap Bar fragrance we offer. Choose your favorite Firefly Essentials Bar Soap and add the matching scented Hand & Body Lotion to complete your Bath or Shower time, or choose "fragrance free".
Available in 8oz. Pump bottle or 2 oz. Squeeze bottle, convenient for purse, backpack  or travel.

We also make 100% Natural Lip Balms
All our lip balms are made using 100% white bees wax, Vitamin E, Cocoa Butter, Tea Tree Oil and other natural ingredients.
Unlike waxy sticks, Firefly Essentials Lip Balms are unique. Our Lip Balm is light, and glides on your lips without the heavy feel of cakey wax lip treatments, much like lip gloss but without the “gloss”.
Available in 5 flavors:
Crystal Mint
Orange/Vanilla Cream