FiwiJobs.com is a search engine that crawls websites around the region and maintains a searchable index of jobs. Better yet, we also index jobs from offline media and make them searchable, all in one place. We therefore provide the job seeker with a first stop for finding the perfect job originating from any medium.

This site is in an early phase as we keep indexing more and more jobs. Please be patient with us and use our Job Alert feature to stay up-to-date with new jobs that fit what you like.
Company Information

FiwiJobs is a registered trademark of LiveSpring Media, a technology group founded in 2008 and based in Jamaica. Our other sites include Trinidad's premier real estate company, Charmaine Noel Properties Ltd. and the global social bookmarking service LinkShares.net. This company focuses on developing Internet usage within, and attracting global traffic towards the region.
What Else Are We Into?
One of our key areas is search technology, and as such we are about to culminate our new real time search engine project in a matter of weeks! Stay tuned to our Twitter page (@FiwiJobs) for updates or you can join our project mailing list.
Target Audience

This website and its services are targeted to professionals of all age who are seeking to find jobs in the comfort of one location, instead of hopping across different sources.

Most jobs listed in FiwiJobs.com are indexed and such jobs display credits beneath the job details page. If you need to apply for a job, then the site referenced in the credits will be the site to go to fill out your application, unless the job listing is a direct FiwiJobs.com property.
Search Engine Crawler

When the FiwiJobs™ search engine crawls your website, it will be represented by an equivalent of the following HTTP User Agent string.

Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Craaler/1.0; +http://www.fiwijobs.com/company)

We try our very best to honour your robots specifications while we index your website.


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