DC Metro Food Tours offers historic walking tours and culinary events that highlight the cuisine of locally owned and operated restaurants, in Washington DC area neighborhoods including Capitol Hill and Old Town.  

Established in 2007

Our initial desire to start DC Metro Food Tours was brought about by a lifelong love for food, and the desire to help promote locally owned and operated restaurants. As we began to explore the many diverse neighborhoods within the DC Metro area, we found a variety of delicious foods served at unique, often family run establishments.

We believe a Food Tour should be a harmony of a neighborhood's local cuisine, history, and architecture. The food served should accurately reflect both the people and history of each neighborhood as much as possible.

On our tours, we will not quickly grab a bite from a restaurant and leave; rather, we sit down and support each place by enjoying a specially designed dish.  Your selections have been carefully chosen for you in order to bring you the best each establishment has to offer. The end result is a VIP experience at each of our restaurants and throughout the tour.

The Capitol Hill Culinary Experience

Capitol Hill is a 200 year old melting pot of cultures, ethnicities
and religions. The country's largest Victorian neighborhood
has been the home to laborers, craftsmen, and members of
congress alike. Enjoy a series of dishes from restaurants and
shops nestled in quaint row houses, clustered down barracks
row, and located inside the district's longest running market.

Historic Old Town Alexandria Food Tour

In Old Town Alexandria, you will experience and learn about
the charming port city created under British rule. Take a journey
through one of the nation's largest historic districts that was once
home to both George Washington and Robert E Lee. Sample
specially made dishes at unique family owned restaurants,
including a local dessert enjoyed for over 150 years.