Our business is changing the way parents teach their children about money.  Our award winning 4 Piggies Financial Kit for Kids includes "The 4 Little Pigs" (a financial values book for children) along with four piggy banks for SPENDING, SAVING, SHARING and SCHOOLING.  Children learn what it means to be financially responsible by budgeting money for SPENDING (pocket money) SAVING (for a more expensive purchase) SHARING (to give back and help others) and SCHOOLING (savings for post secondary education).

Both the children's book and piggy banks were created by Jeanette Ramnarine and are endorsed by the Mom's Choice Awards.  Jeanette Ramnarine is a mom, educator and award winning author.  She is the CEO of Four Piggies Publishing and is committed to giving parents and teachers fun and creative tools to financially educate children.    Her dedication to teaching and inspiring youth has been recognized by The Government of Canada.   She continues to share her message through writing, speaking engagements and media interviews.  

The 4 Little Pigs has been featured in various media outlets including print, magazine, television, blogs and podcasts.