The French Connection (TFC) is a hunting and outdoors show hosted by passionnate and skilled hunting families from Quebec, Canada. TFC participated in the popular reality TV show The Search on Wild TV in 2013. They competed against 7 other Canadian Teams from all across Canada. TFC were voted, by the vast majority of viewers, as the best team and rewarded with their own television series.

They are real people, like you, that have learned to master the sport of hunting by developing proven techniques to successfully pursue game, while practicing sustainable wildlife harvest strategies. With their straight talk, no-nonsense approach, the French Connection cuts through the hype and shows their viewers what really works and what doesn't in real situations. The cornerstone of the French Connection is respect. With their strong family values, each story shows how tradition and friendship is an integral part of sharing the passion for hunting while respecting wildlife, the environment and people.

What sets this show apart is that most adventures take place in areas accessible to anyone. The viewers can relate to the real challenges the French Connection must face to pursue mature game. But this doesn't stop them from delivering adrenaline pumping episodes packed with valuable information and entertainment in a down-home setting. Aside from the hunt, they will share their extensive hunting and related gear knowledge with you, the good and the bad with a French culture twist and sense of humor, you won’t find on any other hunting show today.

The TFC family manages and hunts over 36,000 acres of both public and private land scattered across both Quebec and Ontario and will take you across our country and promote family, friendship, strong ethics and our great tradition of hunting!