Future Quake is a radio show that focuses on issues that will impact our future way of life.  It airs daily Monday through Friday at 4 PM Central Time on WENO, AM 760 in Nashville, TN, and features weekly summary shows on line at www.futurequake.com, and via podcast form on I-T-tunes, as well as on the Revelations Radio Network.  We feature cutting-edge guests and experts on the topic of the week, in extended, in-depth interviews geared to inform and equip listeners to thrive in the challenging days ahead.  The show is hosted by "Doctor Future", a scientist (with a doctorate in Engineering) in his academic and career credentials, whose technology developments have been patented and placed in use via his own technology development company, but whom also has interests in many areas, including music, film production, Bible teaching and prophecy.  His co-host, "Tom Bionic", is a professional musician and economist who is the Doctor's regular foil, and very close friend.  Their amusing banter, while addressing serious topics from a Biblical world view, keeps a light spirit while providing an intellectual, open-minded and truth-seeking approach to issues that are typically not addressed by mainsteam and Christian media.

In its fifth year of continuous broadcast, "Future Quake" has featured guests such as Judge Andrew Napolitano, Joseph Farah of "World Net Daily", investigative reporter Dr. Jerome Corsi, Constituion Party Presidential Candidate Dr. Chuck Baldwin,  Chuck Missler, Dr. Rand Paul, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and Minuteman Executive Director Al Garza, economic expert Mike Shedlock ("Mish"), and a host of other well-known celebrities and experts, in addition to many overlooked or undiscovered people of merit who are introduced to an appreciative audience.  Our interviews are extended discussions (often ninety minutes in length), with complete and probing studies of issues in detail, intended to enlighten, challenge and inspire the listeners, featuring questions and angles that are often surprising and intiguing even to the guests.  Each week's interview concludes with "Tomorrow's Tremors" - The Doctor's and Tom's review of the news stories you may not have heard in mainstream media that could afffect you in a big way, with their unique dry wit and commentary, and impassioned perspectives.

In its brief life, "Future Quake" has made quite a wake in its path, with Doctor Future having been invited to speak as a keynote speaker last summer (2008) in Montreal, Canada, at a joint United Nations and World Council of Churches-sponsored conference on Religion and Spirituality , and speaking this summer at the Roswell UFO Festival "Ancient of Days" Bible Prophecy and UFOs conference.  He also covers events on site, such as the 2008 Constitution Party Convention (where he conducted a provocative, in depth interview with Ambassador and candidate Alan Keyes), the 911 Truth Conference, the "End the Fed' rallies, and the "Star Seed Children" reunion.

Doctor Future and Tom have a devoted cult following, and are known for tackling tough topics in a gentle, respectful yet enlightening way, in a stable and secure manner that can stretch and challenge our Christian thinking and culture, and address controversial or taboo subjects with a firm Biblical yet open-minded, free thinking and truth seeking approach.