GEBN(Global Entrepreneurship & Business Network) www.gebnonline.com is an initiative from GEBN PVT LTD(Genesis Entrepreneurship & Business Networking Pvt Ltd) company registered in Delhi(India) whose main aim is to promote all forms of entrepreneurship in India and to provide necessary solutions to running and startup organization.

GEBN focuses on advancement of entrepreneurship standard and business resources in India -- and its creative and innovative approach will make it a model of excellence across the globe.

We have a well organized business plan and we are looking for a venture with a renowned organization that can support GEBN mission and future activities. There are loads of activities to come as our business plan moves ahead.


1.       The main aim of the company is to assist and provide all kind of solutions to emerging entrepreneurs and running or startup businesses. GEBN has structure a platform for budding entrepreneurs to build a biggest network of entrepreneurs.
2.       To promote all forms of Entrepreneurship like Young entrepreneurship, Women Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship and Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship in India and abroad.
3.       To carry on the business of consultancy services online and offline in India and abroad.
4.       To open Chapter representative in various cities of India and abroad who will bring business to GEBN PVT LTD.
5.       To carry on business of imparting Entrepreneurship education and providing useful resources related to Entrepreneurship in India and abroad.
6.       To provide advisory, legal, financial, mentoring and other business related support in preparation of project reports, business plan, company policies, business strategies, financial plan, marketing plan, and online collaboration.
7.       To initiate, undertake, carry on, engage in, promote, assist, encourage and conduct research, development, experiments, studies, project analysis, examination, surveys and test of all kinds of matters/activities related to Entrepreneurship and various Business solutions of all kinds.
8.       To carry on a business of providing useful and necessary resources for Entrepreneurship.
Our Services

Though we are at beginning stage and in a process and it will take more effort to gather team of experts from different domains around the region but our main focus will always be on delivering all possible entrepreneurship related business solutions.

1.     For Emerging Entrepreneurs

“One stop solution Shop” for Entrepreneurs from Idea Generation to Business plan Execution.
Online and offline entrepreneurial skills testing platform.
Earn while you learn module.
2.     For Corporate

Business solution and project consultancy.
Entrepreneurship related Events, workshops, seminars, trainings, exhibitions.
Legal, Advisory, Company registration, Web designing, Research, Business management, Functional review, brand marketing, promotion for running & startup organization.
Support for Import & export of services or products across border.

A meaningful business plan that can add values to foster entrepreneurship in India.
Already laid out company platform to test entrepreneurial skills.
Efficient team with passion to be an entrepreneur.
All kind of business solution and service support to emerging entrepreneurs, running or startup organizations.
Business planning, functional & strategic reviews.
Mentorship & Advisory support online and through personal interaction.
We are focusing on growing sector in India.
Entrepreneurship is a necessity in India.
More entrepreneurs mean more jobs, health economy, and developed nation.
Members to associate and join our membership.
Good team strength & network.
Business Partners to collaborate.
Advisors, Mentors, Chapter Representatives, Experts from different domain and regions.
Nation & world wide exposure.
To form a group and deliver services together with well renowned organizations having similar vision and mission as of GEBN.
Good back and front end support.
Funding Support for GEBN future activities.
Experts Participation in GEBN upcoming seminars and events.

We have started our journey with whole hearted believe on our self and business plan.  This is a small step towards a long entrepreneurial journey and we welcome support from everyone who wants to contribute or to be a part of this entrepreneurial journey.

Diversification helps in growth of company. If you are interested in Business venture/proposal, collaboration, funding, association or any other contribution and would like to discuss more in detail about the project kindly mark a mail mayank.khanna@gebnonline.com or fix online or personal meeting for further discussion.

             "Come, join us and make GEBN mission a success"