Granite State Roller Derby is a skater-owned and skater-operated organization operating an amateur roller derby league within the State of New Hampshire. The mission of Granite State Roller Derby is to create and maintain a structured business that will promote interest and active participation in the sport of roller derby. We will work to be fully sponsored and financially sound to create our own practice/bout space and fully-funded travel, uniforms, insurance and equipment for GSRD skaters. GSRD does not endeavor to be a profit-making organization, and will work to give any net profits back to the community via donations to charities and non-profit organizations.

We strive to empower women and men both personally and athletically through the sport of roller derby. It is our intention to hold ourselves to the highest standards of respect and sportsmanship/sportswomanship, both on and off the track, and to be a positive force in our community. Through hard work and dedication of GSRD skaters and volunteers, we will work to create a place for men and women of all sizes, backgrounds, and skills levels, to participate in a full-contact sport, while providing family fun entertainment for our community.