Games Play UK has been a pioneer in the development of new toys and games for ten years now. We work with the household names in the industry as well as the smaller players and we are comfortable negotiating with both. We have licensed games in both the UK and the USA, working with traditional games firms, hi-tech firms and big players in the media world.

We do three vital things which can save you a lot of time and money:

1          We work with the best and brightest inventors of new games in the UK and abroad, encouraging the brightest talents and filtering out the rest.

2          We bring their ideas to life with our team of designers who build shelf-ready prototypes which have been tested over and over again.

3          We take those games and present them, as completed products, to people like you.

On our promotional presentation that I will happily send you will see the best of those games. They are the end result of many hundreds of hours of work by both the inventors and us to get the games to a state where all issues have been ironed out and the games is ready to be played by your customers.