GigeNET releases the fastest Cloud environment on the Internet!

GigeNET an entity of Digital Management Partners is a Data Center in Arlington Hts IL, few miles outside the City of Chicago. GigeNET provides Co-location services, Dedicated Servers, Managed Hosting and other ISP features. Over the years GigeNET has earned a loyal customer following with outstanding 24/7 support and a 100% Network up-time making the life of many Internet Businesses much less stressful.

Frequently review like this are given:

I started with gigenet on there Black Friday offer now it has been 16month with them without any issues
The Network:
There network has been the best i not seen any downtime in this time also I am from India from there network i seen good ping to india/asia
The Hardware:
We never replace any hardware no faulty ram no Hard disk failure no motherboard issue nothing in this time.
I need to explain more about this part Sales was great + for gigenet is so friendly
The Support:
I never seen there reply after 5min to the ticket all reply has been in proper time(within 5min).

Overall i will give 10/10 to GIGENET
(slightly edited please find full review on WebHostingTalk plus many others like it)

Most recently GigeNET release a new version of the GigeNETCloud. This newly developed Cloud environment allows for servers to be deployed in less then a minute, Windows or Linux, the fastest deployment in the industry.  

This success is based on a long time of product testing and a large investment in hardware, programming and product development. The infrastructure of GigeNET allows for one of the fasted networks in the industry and the GigeNETCloud is based on a fully transparent 10Gbps network backbone in a fully redundant environment.

GigeNET has been since its inception been on the technical forefront of hardware deployment and acquisition. The new GigeNETCloud is based on the same principles driven by the founder of the GigeNET. The vision of providing the best customer service experience technically possible was and is always on his mind driving research and development as well as this newest release.

The GigeNET Co-location business has been another growth factor. Co-location clients have not experienced any downtime on the Network for the past two years so the premise of 100% really means 100% leading to more Colocation customers and especially customers in the gaming industry and high volume websites switching to GigeNET.

Please find us at:

www.gigenet.com or www.gigenetcloud.com - or www.coloquest.com