Global advertising awards have an important role to play in the industry in many ways. They help creative professionals and agencies establish their credibility in the industry as well as building the standards which the industry aspires to.

The Global Best Digital Advertising Awards was formed to honor that excellence in the genre of digital media. From internet ads to digital TV, websites to digital billboards, and mobile applications, digital media have become an integral part of our daily lives and the most important invention to communication technology since the invention of the printing press.

Global Best Digital Advertising Awards is hosted in the Kingdom of Thailand with offices in the US and Bangkok. The awards operates with a growing international network of representatives.

Like most global advertising awards, Global Best Digital Advertising Awards hosts  a student competition included also in the inaugural year, 2011.

Global Best Digital Advertising Awards is planned as an annual competition. The awards festival will be held each year in Thailand and will include a winners' gala awards night as well as seminars, discussion forums, expos and special events.

Official sponsors of this global advertising awards are Singha Beer and The Ministry of Commerce of the Kingdom of Thailand.