Internet Marketing Entrepreneurs leverage the Global Blast Social Media Website to get their brand in front of genuine, potential customers who are looking for online services, digital products and/or opportunities everyday.

Our focus is more on business activity while still being social in a big way. Our membership is specifically for people and groups who want more exposure to their offers, talk business, form new friendships, get “liked” and “shared” all over the internet.

The Global Blast Network is a highly targeted social media website for anyone who engages in business online and is comprised of two main components. The first part being the social media website itself which is essentially a viral marketing platform you can have full access to, and the second component (not compulsory) being our affiliate program.

We don't just provide solutions for online entrepreneurs all in one convenient place, but give you access to an evergreen platform, that members can tap into and start growing their businesses and build solid relationships with their teams.

As a member of our community you can invite people from other social media networks via our "share" features to “befriend or to just connect” with you here on the Global Blast Network, which is a much less intrusive way of introducing yourself or your products or services than posting directly on those websites that are not business oriented.

You get great exposure for your blogs, forum posts, quizzes, videos, events or webinars and fan pages for example. It’s a very powerful tool for any online business which enables people to come and actually see the content you post.