We provide capital to strengthen innovative community-based organizations serving the most vulnerable children and youth.

Because we believe that many of the most creative, effective, and sustainable projects are generated at the community level, our grantmaking specifically targets grassroots organizations. Their programs are rooted in community initiative and driven by entrepreneurial leaders. Supporting community-based groups at a relatively early stage in their development also maximizes the value and impact of GFC’s investment.

Each grantee partner organization is selected based on its potential to grow in effectiveness and to become a valuable resource or model for others. Selection criteria include exceptional leadership, sound management, strong community participation, innovative and effective programs, and direct engagement with the most vulnerable children.


We harness the power of children’s books,films,and photography to promote global understanding.

The Global Fund for Children has taken a unique approach to advancing the dignity of children and youth by harnessing the power of global media. GFC’s Global Media Ventures develops multicultural children’s books, documents grantee partners’ work through photography, and supports important films that address the challenges of young people around the world.