Welcome to the Good Dog Bakery!

Our Good Dog Bakery Biscuits and Treats are delicious, nutritious and 100% ALL NATURAL.

We are committed to using the finest human quality ingredients in our fresh baked biscuits and treats. Naturally low in fat and calories, they are full of flavor with many varieties to tempt your four legged friends.

Make Good Dog Bakery Biscuits and Treats part of everyday by rewarding your dog with the best! They'll know you care and they'll be delighted!!

Good Dog Bakery is a family owned and operated business.  While our efforts are locally grown, our intention is to spread Good Dog Bakery biscuits and treats across the USA and beyond!

Good Dog Bakery was created from our desire to produce healthy, natural treats for our animals.

Like most pet owners, we were appalled when we discovered that most commercial dog food and dog treats are more noxious than nutritious. After more research into pet nutrition, we decided that we would raise the standard for dog treats.

Good Dog Bakery opted to create recipes using 100% ALL NATURAL products. By eliminating the artificial or unnatural ingredients, we allow our domestic animals to become closer to their native ancestors. We know that you wouldn’t expect anything less for your companion.

You’ll find our inspiration for Good Dog Bakery pictured in our logo. Dakota, our 10 year old Chocolate Lab never misses an opportunity to test a new recipe.

Visit our website today: www.GoodDogBakery.net

From our family to yours, enjoy!