---Imagine a concrete contractor...,
a nationally published children's book author!

That's the life story of Peter Thomas
I know it seems hard to imagine, Jake Lamotta, meets Dr.Seuss, meets Don Quixote but that's the life story of Peter Thomas, A brawny construction worker with a rough-and-tumble Boston accent and an inspirational little bumble bee named Billy Bee.

Peter, has developed a series of children's book's with good strong moral messages that are designed to take children on a wonderful adventure and leave them with a positive outlook every time the story is read.  

"Life is all about change and it is with this gift of change and my ability to write that I am able to inspire children to realize that their own possibilities in life are endless. For this I am grateful and look forward to planting this seed of inspiration with your audience"

Thanks for BEEieving!!!