Powder Watts is a National Science Foundation awarded and funded company that has recently been awarded a USPTO patent on its ability to tackle the largest unmanaged electric load left on the US electric grid.  Powder Watts has de-risked the technology and is in its second year of full commercial operations, with over 150+ locations with zero customer attrition.  The TAM is 20M locations for Rooftop and another independent 18-20M locations for the upcoming driveway/walkway product.  Total energy savings opportunity is greater than 140TWh each year for just the Rooftop product - representing greater than 70M tons of CO2 offset.  Uniquely, Powder Watts does all of this with close to zero carbon footprint from the manufacturing supply chain and operations, coining the mark: Zero Carbon EnergyTM.  Powder Watts has secured their supply chain, perfected backend and app code - and is in the process of scaling to 100,000+ locations.

Utility companies large and small offer customer incentives of up to 70% to install the Powder Watts system, making ROI for customers as low as 1 year.
Ongoing revenue comes from customers’ subscription which consists of 25% share of the energy savings the Powder Watts system generates for them via the AI and IoT ecosystem.
Additional substantial ongoing revenue in the future comes from the sale of high-level quantifiable and verifiable carbon offsets.

Even just a few of these factors makes Powder Watts the leading CleanTech company in North America.

The Powder Watts system consists of a best-in-class ultra rugged IoT rooftop sensor package, a 120V or 240V utility-grade energy-monitoring smart switch, and a long-range hub to communicate with all devices, back to the Powder Watts Cloud.  On the backend lives the Powder Watts Computer Vision AI that works to determine roof state and switching decisions for the IoT devices in the field - resulting in a an approximate 92% energy savings for its customers - which translates to hundreds or thousands of dollars a month saved, all while dramatically improving structure protection with its constant monitoring of multiple metrics.  

This system produces savings of similar or greater amounts of energy as a whole-house solar install produces, but with a ¼ to a 1/8th of the of the payback time.  Larger homes and buildings produce 15,000-20,000kWh of savings for 5-6 months a year.  And zero off-season energy and emissions – eliminating systems accidentally running in non-snow months, achieving the gold standard in quantifiable and verifiable offsets and sustainability for corporations and conscientious building owners alike.

Powder Watts is in talks with several energy utilities on a VPP program for 5-10MW capacities, and with a large utilities to follow at the 100MW range.  Under the VPP, the utilities pay Powder Watts for the MWh’s not consumed on their grid, leading to load reduction and equipment life extension, and allowing for other, useful, electric loads to come online.  

Powder Watts has applied, and is considered an “excellent fit”, for a Title 17 DOE federal loan guarantee program under the VPP category, of 320M to catapult this urgently needed technology into the marketplace.

Powder Watts is Amazon AWS supported with substantial financial support.
NVIDIA supports Powder Watts with admission into it's "Inception" program.

The senior management team is made up of world-class talent, half of which have been founders in successful companies before, some, several times.