GriefShare is a support group program to help people grieving the death of a loved one. Through GriefShare, local churches can launch a grief recovery ministry in their church and community. The program is nondenominational and biblically based.

The need
•     Grieving a loved one’s death can result in brokenness, despair and emotional turmoil. We provide churches with the tools to help people in bereavement find hope, healing, and growth, while experiencing Christ’s love.
•     Adults are often open to spiritual solutions when facing life crises, such as grief. Our materials equip local churches for this tremendous outreach and evangelism opportunity.
•     We believe true hope and healing is only found in a relationship with Jesus Christ.
•     GriefShare trains lay leaders to provide ongoing care to the people in their church and community, while allowing the Christian experts on the videos to provide counsel and teaching.

The numbers
•     Since 1999, over 8,000 churches have been equipped to offer GriefShare
•     GriefShare churches are found in 15+ countries
•     Over 300,000 people have participated in GriefShare
•     The materials feature the counsel of 40+ leading Christian experts
•     Many churches report that over 85% of group attendees are not from their church, and half do not have an active spiritual life and are not followers of Christ.

The program design
This 13-week program is designed to be lay led and held on an ongoing basis. GriefShare is built around three components: video seminar, small group discussion, and workbook. Weekly sessions begin with a 40-minute video featuring the insights of trusted Christian experts on grief and recovery topics, and the testimonies of people who have faced a loved one’s death. After the video is a facilitated small group discussion about the video content and the issues faced by members. Participants find further help between meetings through a personal Bible study and weekly journal in their GriefShare workbooks.

Weekly topics

Living with Grief
The Journey of Grief
The Effects of Grief
When Your Spouse Dies
Your Family and Grief
The Uniqueness of Grief 1
The Uniqueness of Grief 2
God’s Prescription for Grief
Stuck in Grief
Top 20 Lessons of Grief 1
Top 20 Lessons of Grief 2

Featured experts
Sabrina D. Black, Tim Clinton, Larry Crabb, Elisabeth Elliot, E. V. Hill, Anne Graham Lotz, Jack Hayford, Joseph Stowell, John Trent, H. Norman Wright, Ravi Zacharias, Zig Ziglar, see more.

Countries with GriefShare
USA, Canada, Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Ireland, Jamaica, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa, Spain, Tanzania, United Kingdom, Zimbabwe