Hankinson & Company is the most experienced, professional and exclusive business sales, mergers and acquisitions firm in the Mid-Atlantic region.

We represent any and all well managed businesses, regardless of their size.

When making a significant financial decision, you owe it to your self to...Experience the Professional Difference.

Selling a Business

Confidentiality — Business owners trust us with their confidentiality and we take that trust very seriously. This allows you to maintain daily business operations and profits without disclosing your intentions to employees, customers, and vendors.

Experience — Hankinson & Company has completed many transactions in a variety of industries. With our vast knowledge and years of experience, we will add value to the transaction and find the perfect buyer for your business.

Know How — Hankinson & Company will help you arrive at a competitive price with appropriate terms for your financial goals. We understand that most privately held small businesses prepare their financial information to minimize the tax burden and we will assist you in recasting your financials to show your business in the best light.

Market Expertise — We will aggressively, confidentially advertise and market your business utilizing our unique and proven marketing methods which include an extensive database of buyers, referral networking, national and local advertising, targeted direct mail, etc.

The Right Buyer — We work with individual buyers, private equity groups and corporations seeking to acquire a business. All buyers are carefully screened to determine if they are the right fit for your business.  To begin the process, all prospective business sellers may complete our PRELIMINARY INFORMATION SURVEY.  Once this has been done, we will review the information and contact you at our earliest convenience.

Buying a Business

Hankinson & Company is dedicated to helping people achieve the American Dream of owning their own business.

Business ownership is the most lucrative career opportunity available today. If you are a first time buyer or adding to your business holdings, Hankinson & Company has the business that will satisfy your goals.

Be Your Own Boss
Career Change
Build Capital and Obtain Financial Security
Gain Independence
Add to Your Business Holdings

FIRST, we help you determine the type and size of business you can afford and would like to own;

SECOND, we put you in contact with more sellers who have businesses meeting your requirements; and

THIRD, we assist you and your professional advisors in making the ownership of your own business a reality,
and not just a dream.