Parents today are recognizing that the public school system is not enough.

Millions of parents are bringing martial arts into their children's lives to supplement their education. Our karate program was created to teach children to excel at everything they do.

“Lil Dragons - 3 and 4 Year Olds“

kids 3-4This program is designed for children three and four years old. It focuses on developing listening skills, following direction, learning "yes" and "no" choices,discovering self-confidence, improving motor coordination, and physical fitness. The class meets twice a week for 30 minutes. The class is fast paced with activities and changes quickly due to the age groups attention span. This program teaches that learning can be fun.


“Little Ninjas - 5 to 7 Year Olds“

kids 5-7The Little Ninjas Program is designed for children 5 through 7 years of age. The focus is on increasing and developing listening skills, teaching self-displine, introducing students to self- esteem training, enhances motor coordination skills, and aids in the development of self-confidence. These benefits are taught  through structured classes, drills and fun activities. Each class is one hour. The lesson plan of the classes are designed with this particular age group in mind.


“Children Martial Arts - 8 to 12 Year Olds“

kids 8-12This is our most dynamic program of development.  Character building is a very strong part of this program.  Self-confidence and self-esteem are generally accepted as fundamental to healthy emotional and mental development of children in this age group.  They understand and can experience the benefits of humility, perservance, termination, and goal setting.  The students gain greater self-confidence and greater self-esteem as they see their abilities and skills improve.  These classes are structured, one hour classes involving a calisthenic warm-up, sparring, kata, drills and moral and motivational lessons.


“Teen Martial Arts - 13 to 17 Year“

kid13-17Students in the program need to learn life skills if they are going to make it in the adult world. Our karate program works with families to teach their teens about time management, leadership, public speaking, and goal setting. All of these are required in today's work environment.  Teens today need role models, character building, physical fitness and activities at which they can excel.  Our teen program is the perfect activity for teens.  The classes stress self-discipline, and self control at the dojo, at school, in the streets and at home.  Students are taught to get in touch with their true feelings.  They learn to expand their limits, set short term goals, and to achieve excellence in anything they do.  They develop a winners never quit an quitters never win attitude.  They also develop a sense of belonging, acceptance and approval from their peers and from adults.


“Adult Martial Arts Training“

Now, have peace of mind...Now you can learn self-protection in a safe, learning atmosphere with other people just like you - people who want to improve their fitness while learning the valuable skills of self-protection.

Adults tend to study Karate for many reasons: fitness, stresses reduction, self-defense, etc.  Research has shown that eighty-five percent of adults study Karate for self-defense and empowerment (a need to protect themselves and family).  Our society amplifies this ideal that the strong conquer the weak, the large dominates the smaller, and the poor are a threat to the rich.  Adult Karate training proves these ideals to be untrue.  The physically weak are taught techniques of protection that gives them self-defense abilities.  The small size person is taught that their size is an advantage in lots of situations.