Healing Oasis is the focal point for the work of Rev. Dr. Glen Swartwout, publishing over a dozen books on Accelerated Self-Healing and Spiritual Growth.  Healing Oasis transforms the world one person at a time through remote Biofield Analysis for selection of energetically correct natural remedies and health supplements designed individually in real time as a strategic intervention to initiate a state of coherence in the whole body, mind and soul.  The 5 Phases of Health is a roadmap for the re-energizing of cells in degenerative states such as cancer and other chronic diseases, initiating intracellular cleansing of heavy metals and other blocking anti-nutrients to be replaced with repletion of key nutrients and superconducting spirit minerals also understood as ORMUS, and condensates of the transition elements surrounding Palladium, such as Copper, Gold, Silver, Rhodium, Iridium, Ruthenium, Platinum and others in their alchemical high spin state that serve as the mineral vessel of the spirit.  Restoration of this immortal Dark Matter body is the ultimate purpose of biological healing, so that the vessel can contain a greater soul consciousness of Dark Energy, which is understood as a cellular fractal structure within the divine mystical body, manifesting non locally as the near-infinite vacuum energy, which is actually a plenum or fullness, rather than a vacuum emptiness.  Phase 2 of the 5 Phases of Heath is where all spontaneous remissions are observed, and is also bacterial and parasitic terrain as well as the terrain of rapid aging when human, mitochondrial, endobiont and symbiont enzyme systems become blocked.  Phase 3 is fungal terrain in disease progression which becomes transformed into regenerative terrain when the healing progression is supported by increasing coherence to transcend space and time.  Phase 4 is connective tissue cleansing, a further natural manifestation of the growth and coalescence of cellular structured water coherence fields as they create an expansive turgor pressure against the tensile connective tissue elements such as collagen and elastin.  The exclusion zone phenomenon eliminates protons, organic acids and other wastes such as denatured proteins into the lymph collection system via this previously unrecognized photonically driven aqueous pump mechanism.  The sheet like hexagonal honeycomb structure of the biologically structured water supplies Faraday rings and orgone accumulating sheets for collection of gaseous phase condensates at a growing interface with increasing range of resonance frequency photonic energy available to drive an increasingly broad range of physiological processes, ultimately with or without the organic enzyme catalysts that are essential to accelerate these processes in the low energy survival states.  Between the pi electron Farraday shielding of electrical fields and the magnetic shielding provided by a vigorous coherence of the spirit mineral condensates, the biofield becomes immune to outside energies, both of the physical, biological and spiritual environment, entering into transcendent communion by degrees, with the fractal cellular nature of all creation.  Creation is understood as a manifest image of the divine mind, just as human consciousness is an effigy of the created consensual world, again reflecting the fractal holographic nature of creation, but not merely as a duality but a trinity, a trinity.  Visit Healing Oasis at tryUnity.net.  Make our Healing Oasis your Healing Oasis.  We understand how to listen to your non-local calls for help and can therefore recognize the coherence response that occurs when our attentive non-locality, via intentional application of empathy in service to the fostering of your future self as a vibrant cell in our shared mystical body, identifies the dampening and extinction of those stress signals, identifying the energetically correct biofield catalysts for your bio-body suit in real time.  With clients in 5 continents, and serving remote transpersonal biocommunication needs for a quarter century, we are uniquely ready, willing and able to provide essential support in mysterious and challenging cases.  Many of our clients are themselves qualified physicians, experienced healers and knowledgable caregivers seeking a deeper coherence through core healing with the application of truth-seeking selection of remedies and individualized program formulations from God's pharmacy with which the genetic programming of the carbon-copy bio-body suit has co-adapted for its full ancestral era on Earth.  Seeing novel synthetic chemistry as both an experiment in likely incompatibility and a near certain application of spirit-depleting structures made largely from carbon chemistry that has been devoid of the solar light of life energy in the illuminated biosphere for long ages, we make an informed and intelligent spiritual choice, an act of the will to voluntarily restrict such choices whenever we see true possibility.