Health Assured Ltd provides clients with a complete service, across all areas of the healthcare spectrum. We would ask you to explore our site, review our many unique and innovative products, and compare the value that we offer, against other delivery models.

We believe that it is a simple fact that organisations need, not only to drive best value, but also need to effectively manage risk within the work place. The reduction of absence rates is key,  as is the provision of valuable, cost effective benefits for staff. You have arrived at Health Assured , and our aim is very simple - To provide intelligent and innovative products, which deliver great value, underpinned by a robust level of service.

Health Assured offers a number of genuinely unique solutions, using traditional, proven products, pulled together in a completely new way.

Our EAP  range for example includes FREE Occupational Health Services, Management Referrals to a national network of Occupational Health Physicians and specialist Employment Law, including £100,000 indemnity.

Achieve an approximate saving of 20% on your existing EAP and receive free Occupational Health benefits.

Our standard product includes:

•  Web based Pre-employment Screening, supported by OH qualified clinicians
•  Online Health Assessment & Fitness resource
•  Occupational Health Risk Assessment tool - proven to reduce a client's spend on   Health Surveillance by a staggering 60%
•  Night Worker Medical Screening
•  Commercial Legal Helpline for the benefit of the employer