Health Assured, a leading provider of Occupational Health and Employee Assistance services in the UK today launched its new Highly Tax Efficient Private Medical Insurance Product... the Work Assured Plan. It is designed to address the key concerns of clients and integrates Occ.Health, Absence Management and EAP benefits within the PMI plan (available for a Flat fee of £197 per employee - medical history disregarded, representing a saving of 78% on the average cost of PMI).

The average cost of Corporate PMI is £768 per employee (Laing & Buisson, expert PMI industry specialists and commentators) and is increasing by between 10 - 15% per annum - is it sustainable in the longer term, and is there a better way of providing this benefit?


67% of PMI Claimants take no time off work - therefore does traditional PMI enhance productivity or is it simply a perk, which attracts a high level of P11D Tax for the employee?


Disability Discrimination Act Claims have increased by 46.8% over the last 2 years & absence is costing UK Employers £692 per employee per annum.. does PMI actually reduce your liability or absence costs?


The Work Assured Plan is aimed at Reducing Absence, Enhancing Productivity and Significantly Reducing Costs - Demonstrating a Clear Return on Investment. The Plan Includes:


Employees can Top Up to Full PMI (on a switch terms basis) - heavily subsidised by the tax that would ordinarily be paid on the Company Funded Basis The Work Assured Plan is an Integrated PMI product, designed to deliver tangible benefits for employers and employees alike - for more information on how to save £652 per employee per annum on the average cost of PMI visit www.healthassured.