The popularity of holistic healing has soared in recent years, yet there hasn’t been one place on the web to go to find organized, easy-to-understand information about alternative and natural remedies – until now. The holistichealingguide.com is a first of its kind website developed to help people in all areas of the country find the resources necessary to assist them with their health and wellness.  

The Holistic Healing Guide was created by Melanie Osborn, an Omaha-based massage therapist/life coach turned wellness educator and entrepreneur who grew frustrated while trying to help her clients find reliable information and connect with other types of holistic healing practitioners.    

Under development over the last three years, the Holistic Healing Guide gives people all across the country the resources they need to take control of their own health.  At Holistichealingguide.com visitors will find reliable, easy-to-understand information about 80 types of holistic healing practices including acupuncture, nutrition, detoxification, reflexology, yoga, and Feng Shui.  Visitors will then be able to find these kinds of practitioners in their area.

The nationwide, community-based directory helps people in over 400 cities connect with practitioners and find classes, retreats and events to attend.  It also provides information on other holistic businesses in the area such as specialty bookstores, vegetarian restaurants, natural food stores, etc.

Osborn believes that consumers should be empowered to take charge of their own health decisions.   The Holistic Healing Guide may be utilized by anyone, no matter where in their healing and wellness path.