Professional freelance business writing, copywriting, editing, marketing and communications. Specializing in niche industries for small, medium and large businesses.

When you hire Gina Kellogg, CEO/Owner of Hott Cornflakes Communications, you get more than a copywriter. You get a journalist, editor and communications director. You get someone who recognizes how to create verbiage that generates results. Plus, you obviously get someone who knows how to write really, really well.

Kellogg's 25-year background in the publishing industry, covering a wide range of industry and business niches, provides her with that special edge you won’t find in other writers.

Her specialties include:
* Web Copywriting
* Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Copywriting
* Marketing Communications and Collateral
* Magazine Writing Newsletter Writing & Design (print and electronic)
* Blogging and social media services
* Concept/white papers/case studies
* PowerPoint presentations
* Letters, memos and fact sheets
* Editing services